Captain Beyond was formed from the ashes of Deep Purple, Johnny Winter And, and the Iron Butterfly. The line-up consisted of Rod Evans, vocals; Bobby Caldwell, drums-vocals; Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt, guitar; and bassist Lee Dorman. In the beginning there were five members with keyboardist Lewie Gold who left some months later for personal reasons before the first album was recorded. After hearing the bands demo, long-time friends Duane and Gregg Allman introduced Captain Beyond to the late Phil Walden and Capricorn Records.

      After the release of the first album “Captain Beyond” and a most successful launch at the Montreaux Jazz and Pop Festival followed by a relentless touring schedule (with Alice Cooper, The Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath and many others,) Bobby left for a short time during the recording of the second album called “Sufficiently Breathless”.  He then returned and Captain Beyond set out once again on a new round of touring with the likes of King Crimson, Trapeze, ZZ Top, etc. In the mid-seventies lead singer Rod Evans decided to leave music and was replaced with Willie Daffern on vocals. The band then signed with Warner Bros. and recorded the album “Dawn Explosion”. After further touring and management changes Captain Beyond in 1978 went on hiatus.

      In 2000, Rhino and Bobby decided to reform Captain Beyond which included Jeff Artabasy who is a current member, and recorded a four-track EP. Unfortunately, this line-up was short lived as Larry Reinhardt was having health problems and it was decided to not continue. In addition, a tribute album to Captain Beyond’s music was recorded by some of Scandinavia’s best musicians titled “A Thousand Days of Yesterdays”.  In January of 2012, Larry Reinhardt passed on , followed by Captain Beyond’s original bassist Lee Dorman some nine months later. Rod Evans has been involved in the medical field and is not currently involved in music.

      Bobby Caldwell has resurrected the new Captain Beyond with the intention of recording some new master works, and bringing the historic music back to their many fans!  The current line-up in addition to Bobby “Fire” Caldwell and Jeff “The Count” Artabasy, is Simon Lind,  Don Bonzi, and Jamie Holka. Touring has begun in 2015, and they are looking forward to meeting everyone!


Don Riley  Been jamming to the music Of Captain Beyond since 70's and Love it!! Looking forward to what happens next! Never to old to rock...I'll be there~!

Richard Cartalemi   “I had a Captain Beyond promo poster from around`72 ,stating "Tomorrow Came Sooner Than Expected.. Beautiful & affirmative work! Beyond Compare”.

Jay Morgan  “The 1st Album is still a masterpiece........One of my top 3 Favorites of all time......Underrated & Unknown to the vast majority of music loving individuals”.

Greg Binkley   “I have been a CB fan since i bought your first album, way back when, just because it looked interesting...To my surprise, you guys immediately became one of my favorite bands, and still are !..Thanks for all the listening pleasure. Captain Beyond is such a tight band”!

Jimmy Chamberlin   “I was also listening to Captain Beyond with Bobby Caldwell on drums...I first got into that band when I was ten years old. A lot of drummers really overlook Bobby Caldwell for what a great drummer he is.."

Murray K   "The album (Captain Beyond) still has its effect... Bobby Caldwell's “highly aggressive but astoundingly tasteful” drumming will stupefy you.."
“Foo Fighters -Taylor Hawkins”

Does this Drumhead say what I think it says?  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins “tribute to Bobby's legendary band Captain Beyond”. Taylor is just one of many drummers, musicians, friends, and fans that are still talking about Bobby's performances over the years. Taylor has also included Captain Beyond in a custom mixtape he made.

Brad Kesner    “I have been a fan of Captain Beyond ever since the beginning and also of each member of the band before the group and beyond. No one makes music like this any more ... such a shame”.


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Raging River of Fear 

Mesmerization Eclipse

Night Train (Crystal Clear)

Be As You Were        


"Official History of Captain Beyond"

     by Co-Founder Bobby Caldwell