Jamie Holka

Jeff "The Count" Artabasy is an incumbent member of Captain Beyond and has been a member of the band since 1999.  He created and played all of the bass tracks on the 2003 4 song EP and has toured with the band throughout the United States and Europe. Jeff has played with musical giants such as guitarist Dangerous Dan Toler from The Allman Brothers band, vocalist Johnny Townsend of the Sanford Townsend Band, and award winning blues recording artist Sean Chambers.

“The Count” is a super versatile, multi-talented bassist and singer.  He’s known in the music industry for his monstrous sound, fearless bass playing, and fat & juicy grooves. Jeff brings a power and soulfulness in his playing and is a dedicated professional.

Don Bonzi – He is an extremely dedicated guitarist and singer, who spent his life devoted to music. Growing up in the Chicago area, he has performed with and shared the stage with literally the who’s who of rock-and-roll music, accumulating over 25 album credits. In addition, most recently he worked with the late Rhino Reinhardt of Captain Beyond on two separate album projects, as well as playing with Lee Dorman from the original Iron Butterfly and Captain Beyond. Don is enthusiastic and a highly regarded musician.

Jamie Holka is a professional guitarist from Niagara Falls, NY. He studied music at Berklee college of music in Boston, MA. Jamie is widely known for his unparalleled solo arrangements  for guitar, and for his blistering chops. He gained more national attention by placing 3rd in the north American rock guitar competition in 2006. As a professional guitarists Jamie has shared the stage with countless legends including: Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse, Kansas, Steve Miller, Todd Rungren, and many others..

Bobby Caldwell – A musicians musician, Musical visionary, and co founder of Captain Beyond, Bobby is a drummer, singer and songwriter of the highest order. Always seeking to break new ground, Captain Beyond has always past and present worked at being different and unique. To this day after much demand, Bobby has reformed the new Captain Beyond. Bobby was not only co-founder and drummer/composer of Captain Beyond, but also drummer for Johnny Winter and, Armageddon, and Rick Derringer. Bobby can be heard on the classic rock hit, “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” w/ Rick Derringer, as well as the legendary Allman Brothers Fillmore East record. Bobby is highly regarded as one of the most influential drummers in classic/progressive rock history!

Bobby Caldwell

Jeff “The Count” Artabasy


Don Bonzi

Simon Lind – Having a unique voice and style that sets him apart from others truly Simon is a multi talented  musician.. As a singer and blues guitarist Simon has toured throughout England and Europe. He is also a songwriter and keyboard player and brings this talent to Captain Beyond. This is a man who who loves his music! 

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Simon Lind